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Bible Codes & 777

Hello my name is Alexander Marcussen a.k.a Desmild.

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Language Terms:
H/Heb = Hebrew --- G/Gr = Greek --- E/Eng = English

Gematria Terms:
r/red = reduced --- o/ord = ordinal --- s/sta = standard
Full red = Fr --- Full ord = Fo --- Full sta = Fs
reverse reduced = rr --- reverse ordinal = ro --- reverse standard = rs
Then we have the starter (sr) systems that can start with example: A=7 B=8 C=9... or A=37 B=38 C=39...  So lets say i will use starter 37 in English on "Seal".
I term it like this: "Seal" (E sr 37) = 181
4 basic is reduced, ordinal, standard & Base 6 (A=6 B=12 C=18) systems added in English

Method terms:
- FLL = First, Last & Center letters added
- CL = Center Letter(s)
- FLCL = First, Last & Center letter
- FLW = First & Last Words
- CW = Center Word(s) (Middle word(s))
- FLCW = First, Last & Center words
- W. surr. CW = Words surrounding Center Word
- 3 CW = Three Center Words

Mathematical terms:
- Pri = Prime nr (Numbers that can only be divided by 1 or itself. The 10 first primes are: 1, 2, 3, 5, 7, 11, 13, 17, 19, 23)
- Pri-o = Prime order of
- Comp = Composite nr (Numbers that are not primes. The first 10 composites are: 4, 6, 8, 9, 10, 12, 14, 15, 16, 18)
- Comp-o = Composite order of
- Palin = Palindrome nr (Numbers that are the same read forwards and backwards. The 21 first are: 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 11, 22, 33, 44, 55, 66, 77, 88, 99, 101, 111)
- PP = Pythagorean Primes (The 15 first Phytagorean Primes are: 5, 13, 17, 29, 37, 41, 53, 61, 73, 89, 97, 101, 109, 113, 137)
- PP-o = Pythagorean Prime order

- Happy = Happy numbers (See link:
- Lucky = Lucky numbers (Google it)

- Tri = Triangle nr (figurate number, and very easy to find since you just need to add all natural numbers up to the order you want to find. Example: Tri(3) = 1+2+3)
- Squ = Square nr (figurate number, also easy to find as you just need to multiply the order you want with itself. Example: 37X37 = Squ(37))
- Star = Star nr (figurate number)
- C.Hex = Centered hexagons (figurate number)
- Hepta = Heptagon (7-gonal figurate number where a triangle is 3-gonal)

Use this website to check factors, Primes & Triangles:

Now number 1 is the first Prime in the bible codes but the world today considers it as number 2 and that changed in the 1800's. So when seeing a prime order on you should add +1 to it's order.

I have images of all types of Math but i can't upload files here. It will be available on the website.

In Physics, the most important number is the fine-structure constant which is denoted by Alpha α the first Greek letter. When it was found it was found in connection to the speed of light.  & it's value:
(Inverse α) 1/137,035999... = 0,007297352... (α)

About the fine-structure constant Alpha on wikipedia:
"Based on the precise measurement of the hydrogen atom spectrum by Michelson and Morley,[17] Arnold Sommerfeld extended the Bohr model to include elliptical orbits and relativistic dependence of mass on velocity. He introduced a term for the fine-structure constant in 1916.[18] The first physical interpretation of the fine-structure constant α was as the ratio of the velocity of the electron in the first circular orbit of the relativistic Bohr atom to the speed of light in the vacuum.[19] Equivalently, it was the quotient between the minimum angular momentum allowed by relativity for a closed orbit, and the minimum angular momentum allowed for it by quantum mechanics. It appears naturally in Sommerfeld's analysis, and determines the size of the splitting or fine-structure of the hydrogenic spectral lines."And Hydrogen is element nr 1 "α" of the Periodic Table of Elements.

The reduced gematria system goes from 1 to 9 & starts over on 1 again. Similar to the standard system only without 0's.

The bible is written in Hebrew (Old Testmanent) & Greek (New Testament). These two alphabets are the only ones with the same gematria system (standard).

The letters in Hebrew can also be used as a Word & they have a symbolic meaning.

Here is the first verse of the bible with it's Creation Holograph that was initially found by
Richard Amiel Mccough. i improved and completed it.
You can read his version of it on

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